Primary schools in Three Rivers District

This page provides brief details of primary schools in the borough of Three Rivers in Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

All the state-funded primary schools in Three Rivers are co-educational. There are four Roman Catholic schools and five Church of England schools in the area, all of which are voluntary aided schools except for Sarratt Church of England School, which is voluntary controlled. The remaining schools are all non-faith community schools. The Local Education Authority is Hertfordshire County Council.[1]

There are still some linked pairs of infant schools and junior schools, with the infant school covering Reception and Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) and the junior school covering Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6). However most have been amalgamated in a single Junior Mixed Infant (JMI) school or (equivalently) primary school.

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West: Rickmansworth, Chorleywood and environs [edit]

Name Faith Type Opened Intake DCSF number Ofsted Web Coordinates
Arnett Hills JMI 1968 30 2348 117289 W 51°38′43″N 0°29′40″W / 51.6453°N 0.4944°W / 51.6453; -0.4944 (Arnett Hills JMI School)
Chorleywood Primary 1914 30 2019 117093 W 51°38′48″N 0°31′24″W / 51.6467°N 0.5232°W / 51.6467; -0.5232 (Chorleywood Primary School)
Christ Church CE Primary 1853 30 5201 117561 W 51°39′28″N 0°30′07″W / 51.6579°N 0.5020°W / 51.6579; -0.5020 (Christ Church Church of England School)
Maple Cross JMI 1964 30 2308 117266 W 51°37′07″N 0°30′48″W / 51.6187°N 0.5132°W / 51.6187; -0.5132 (Maple Cross JMI School)
Rickmansworth Park JMI 30 2379 117304 W 51°38′36″N 0°27′58″W / 51.6434°N 0.4660°W / 51.6434; -0.4660 (Rickmansworth Park JMI School)
The Russell Primary 1953 30 2025 117098 W 51°39′18″N 0°31′39″W / 51.6551°N 0.5275°W / 51.6551; -0.5275 (The Russell School)
Sarratt CE Primary 1862 25 3037 117404 W 51°40′56″N 0°29′31″W / 51.6822°N 0.4919°W / 51.6822; -0.4919 (Sarratt Church of England School)
Shepherd Primary 30 2022 117096 W 51°38′12″N 0°29′45″W / 51.6367°N 0.4959°W / 51.6367; -0.4959 (Shepherd Primary School)
St John's RC Primary 1965 30 3398 117475 W 51°38′14″N 0°29′29″W / 51.6372°N 0.4915°W / 51.6372; -0.4915 (St John's Catholic Primary School)
St Mary's CE Primary 1711? 30 3359 117447 W 51°37′48″N 0°28′27″W / 51.6300°N 0.4743°W / 51.6300; -0.4743 (St Mary's CofE Primary School)
St Peter's CE Primary 1862 30 3360 117448 W 51°38′12″N 0°29′27″W / 51.6367°N 0.4907°W / 51.6367; -0.4907 (St Peter's CofE VA Primary School)

Rickmansworth Charity School was established in 1711. The charity grew with a number of bequests, and the school was rebuilt on a new site in 1814. In 1836 the Rickmansworth Poor House on the High Street (adjacent to the current Baptist church) closed, and the site was taken over by the school, now operating as a national school. The school was extended in 1851, and closed in 1936.[2][3][4][5]

Mill End National School was established in 1862, initially for girls and infants but soon also taking boys. In 1874 the school moved to new buildings, and in 1936 became a county-funded JMI school, now known as St Peter's CofE VA Primary School.[3][5]

West Hyde National School was established in 1862, enlarged in 1874 and 1901, and replaced by a county school across the road in 1914.[3][5]

Chorleywood National School (now Christ Church Church of England School) was established in 1853, 8 years after Chorleywood became a separate parish. It was joined in 1911 by Stag Lane Primary School, which was rebuilt in the 1960s as Chorleywood Primary School.[6]

Central: Croxley Green[edit]

Name Faith Type Opened Intake DCSF number Ofsted Web Coordinates
Harvey Road Primary 1938 30 2082 117131 W 51°38′42″N 0°27′00″W / 51.6450°N 0.4499°W / 51.6450; -0.4499 (Harvey Road Primary School)
Little Green Junior 1949 90 2083 117132 W 51°39′27″N 0°26′44″W / 51.6576°N 0.4456°W / 51.6576; -0.4456 (Little Green Junior School)
Malvern Way Infants 1949 90 2084 117133 W 51°39′02″N 0°26′24″W / 51.6506°N 0.4400°W / 51.6506; -0.4400 (Malvern Way Infant and Nursery School)
Yorke Mead Primary 1974 30 2079 117130 W 51°39′02″N 0°27′03″W / 51.6506°N 0.4507°W / 51.6506; -0.4507 (Yorke Mead Primary School)

The original village school in Yorke Road was established in 1875. After the building was partially destroyed by fire, Harvey Road School was hastily built to accommodate some of the students. The village school was finally replaced by Yorke Meade School.[7] Malvern Way School is linked with Little Green.

North-east: Abbots Langley and Garston [edit]

This area now comprises the northern suburbs of Watford.

Name Faith Type Opened Intake DCSF number Ofsted Web Coordinates
Abbots Langley Primary 1831[8] 60 2000 117083 W 51°42′36″N 0°24′59″W / 51.7101°N 0.4163°W / 51.7101; -0.4163 (Abbots Langley Primary School)
Bedmond Village Primary 1968 30 2270 117248 W 51°43′09″N 0°24′47″W / 51.7192°N 0.4130°W / 51.7192; -0.4130 (Bedmond Village Primary School)
Divine Saviour RC Primary 1966[8] 30 3410 117485 W 51°42′01″N 0°25′42″W / 51.7004°N 0.4282°W / 51.7004; -0.4282 (Divine Saviour Roman Catholic Primary School)
St Catherine of Siena RC Primary 1964 30 5211 117571 W 51°41′46″N 0°23′09″W / 51.6962°N 0.3857°W / 51.6962; -0.3857 (St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School)
St Paul's CE Primary 1858[8] 30 3301 117417 W 51°41′30″N 0°26′20″W / 51.6918°N 0.4388°W / 51.6918; -0.4388 (St Paul's Church of England Primary School)
Tanners Wood JMI 1952[8] 45 2147 117178 W 51°41′57″N 0°25′23″W / 51.6993°N 0.4230°W / 51.6993; -0.4230 (Tanners Wood JMI School)

Abbots Langley Primary School was founded as a national school, first for boys, with departments for girls and infants built in the 1840s. In 1853 the boys' school was rebuilt on land left by local landowner Francis Combe, a benefactor of several schools in the area. The boys and girls schools were amalgamated in 1923, and the schools and lands sold to Hertfordshire County Council in 1949. The school was rebuilt on the girls' site in 1958; the boys' site is now occupied by the public library.[8]

St Paul's C of E Primary School also started as a national school, set up by William Jones Loyd of Langleybury. The original school house still stands across the A41 road from the church, and is Grade II listed.[9] The school was moved to the present site in 1967 following the widening of the A41 in the previous year.[8]

Tanners Wood JMI School was opened in 1989 as a relaunch of Hillside JMI School, which was formed in 1982 from the merger or Hillside Junior School and Hazelwood Infants School on the site of the former junior school. The former Hazelwood site is now occupied by Breakspeare School.[8]

South-east: Northwood, South Oxhey and Carpenders Park [edit]

This area lies between Watford and the northern edge of Greater London.

Name Faith Type Opened Intake DCSF number Ofsted Web Coordinates
Eastbury Farm JMI 1962 30 2266 117245 W 51°37′26″N 0°25′07″W / 51.6240°N 0.4186°W / 51.6240; -0.4186 (Eastbury Farm JMI School)
Greenfields Primary 1952 30 2177 117193 W 51°37′04″N 0°23′37″W / 51.6179°N 0.3937°W / 51.6179; -0.3937 (Greenfields Primary School)
Oxhey Wood Primary 51 2137 117170 W 51°37′30″N 0°23′29″W / 51.6249°N 0.3915°W / 51.6249; -0.3915 (Oxhey Wood Primary School)
St Joseph's RC Primary 1955 30 3383 117465 W 51°37′38″N 0°23′49″W / 51.6272°N 0.3969°W / 51.6272; -0.3969 (St Joseph's Catholic Primary School)
St Meryl Primary 30 2131 117166 W 51°37′43″N 0°22′39″W / 51.6285°N 0.3776°W / 51.6285; -0.3776 (St Meryl Primary School)
Warren Dell Primary 1949 30 2135 117169 W 51°37′43″N 0°23′28″W / 51.6285°N 0.3911°W / 51.6285; -0.3911 (Warren Dell Primary School)
Woodhall Primary 30 2178 117194 W 51°37′15″N 0°23′02″W / 51.6207°N 0.3838°W / 51.6207; -0.3838 (Woodhall Primary School)

Eastbury Farm Junior Mixed Infant and Nursery School was judged outstanding in all areas by Ofsted in 2007,[10] a result achieved by only 1% of primary schools in England.[11] Eastbury Farm's Key Stage 2 pupils achieve significantly higher grades in English, Mathematics and Science than the national average.[12]

Greenfields Primary School was the first of a new generation of school buildings in Hertfordshire, and is Grade II listed.[13]

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