Phoolan Devi (film)

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Phoolan Devi
Directed byAshok Roy
StarringRita Bhaduri
Suresh Oberoi
Joy Mukherjee
Goga Kapoor
Prema Narayan
Music byRavindra Jain
Release date

Phoolan Devi is a Bengali action movie of 1985 directed by Ashok Roy.[1] This movie was loosely based on the life of Indian bandit turned politician Smt. Phoolan Devi. The film was also released in Hindi with the name Kahani Phoolvati Ki'.[2][3] Popular hero of the Bollywood movies, Joy Mukherjee played the role of main antagonist in this film.[4]


Young Phoolan was forced to marry an old man Puttilal by her parents. Puttilal has another wife who started torture to Phoolan. One day Phoolan met with her close friend Meena who turned into bandit due to atrocities of Thakur brothers. Those Thakur brother, Bara Thakur and Chota Thakur terrorize the villagers. Bikram Mallah, a trusted hand of Thakurs protests such inhuman activities of them. Whilst those brothers attack on Phoolan, Bikram stops them and took charge of the Thakur's gang forcefully. Subsequently, he married Phoolan. Thakur brothers took revenge to kill Bikram and raped Phoolan. They tagged her mercilessly and few villagers gang raped her in all day long. Escaping from their hand Phoolan made her own gang and became Dakait (Decoit) leader. Thereafter she killed all the rapists one by one including two Thakur brothers.



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