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PIATS (Product Identification, Authentication and Tracking System) is a barcoding system, mainly used in China.

PIATS barcode printing requirements[edit]

  • A unique variable barcode printed or applied onto each primary/secondary package.
  • Barcode type: UCC/EAN 128 (Multi) of 20 numbers, AI (Application Identifier)=21
  • Density: >=7 mils, 10 mils is recommended.
  • Code length=28 mm under 7 mils
  • Code length=42.5 mm under 10 mils
  • Bar height: >=8 mm
  • Grade: >C (1.5)
  • Quiet zone: >=1.5 mm for each zone
PIATS barcode example


  • The AI value is not shown in the human readable data.
  • The human readable number is split into 4 groups as above to make it easier for human reading.

Types of commodities listed in PIATS legislation[edit]

  • Household appliances
  • Floor
  • Cable and wire
  • Fertilizer
  • Gas oven
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Electric heating under blanket
  • Food (including beverage, dairy)
  • Cosmetics

Each category includes more than one sub-category, totally 69 types of commodities.

Where to print or apply PIATS barcode[edit]

  • Compulsory on primary packaging of the above 9 categories, or can be compromised onto secondary packaging if technology is limited. The latter is applicable only to dairy, beverage and cosmetics sectors at the moment.
  • Compulsory on secondary packaging without compromise
  • Option on tertiary packaging if commodity producer is willing to print or apply.

How to code PIATS barcode onto packaging[edit]

  • Directly printing barcode on packaging in line with production facilities
  • Pre-print PIATS label and then apply it on packaging

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