Operations readiness and assurance

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Operations Readiness and Assurance (OR&A)

Often described using the acronym OR&A is a process used in the performance of primarily Oil, Gas and Energy projects to measure the progress towards achieving the state of 'Readiness to Operate'. The process also includes an assurance component which gives an ongoing (real time) indication of the likelihood that the project will achieve that state, by the time of handover to the eventual owner/operator.

As the definitions below clearly indicate:

Operations Readiness[edit]

Operations readiness is the process of preparing the custodians of an asset under construction, and their supporting organisation, such that, at the point of delivery/handover, they are fully ready to assume ownership of the asset. Furthermore, that they accept responsibility for, and are capable of, performing the safe and efficient operation of that asset in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.


Assurance refers to stakeholders in a project who cannot wait until a project is completed, and handover to the operations team imminent, to discover that something has been omitted or overlooked which would subsequently prevent operation of the asset in the manner stated above. The word 'assurance' refers to the act of reassuring the various stakeholders in a project or venture that their asset and organisation is in a state of operations readiness, or providing a measure of assurance that it will be by the time it is required.

Solutions for Implementing OR&A[edit]

The first issue facing an OR&A practitioner on a Project is how to disseminate the vast amount of information required to implement OR&A in a way that neither ‘swamps’ users in a sea of information nor ‘starves’ them of vital information required to complete the various activities and tasks at the appropriate time.

The method now deployed by OR&A Ltd. uses a secure private cloud based solution to provide the functionality required to manage the volume of information within the system and to present it to the user in a manageable, context related fashion.

The OR&A Solution from OR&A Ltd. also includes the assurance functionality, which complements the information system precisely, such that moving between the two is effectively seamless.

The latest developments in OR&A include incorporation of Management of Lessons Learned and Flawless Projects.

This system, accessed though a secure login over the internet, provides a central point for the management of information, minimising the maintenance requirements for the system, whilst ensuring that all users have access to the latest version of the information provided.

Similar Sounding Names:

Operations Readiness should not be confused with the term 'Operational Readiness' which is used by the U.S. military and NASA to describe a different concept, i.e. that of mission readiness..



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