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The Omni Commons are a group of thirteen collectives in San Francisco's Bay Area devoted to DIY and community education.[1][2][3] It traces its inception to the Occupy movement, specifically Occupy Oakland, and was founded in 2014 on the principles of "community, positive creation and radical inclusion".[4][5]


Constructed in 1933, the building at 4799 Shattuck Ave in Oakland was conceived as the meeting hall for Club L'Igure, the Italian garbagemen's social club. The 22,000 sq ft building hosts a 4,000 sq ft ballroom, a large foyer, a Disco room complete with illuminated floors, a children's play room, a large industrial kitchen, and many more spaces of varying sizes.[6] The building is available to the community for hosting a wide variety of events.[7]


The Commons currently consist of 13 member collectives ranging from activist groups to hackerspaces,[5][8] each of which have a representative in the Omni Oakland Collective's Delegate Council, the decision making body of the group.[9] Collectives include:

Counter Culture Labs[edit]

A biohacker and citizen science lab in Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood, Counter Culture Labs serves as a community laboratory and hackerspace for people of any skill level.[10]

Sudo Room[edit]

An open-membership hackerspace in Oakland with an emphasis on community outreach and service.[11] Active projects hosted by Sudo Room include a weekly hardware hack night, regular programming hangouts, and People's Open Network, a community wireless network being developed by Sudo Mesh, in the San Francisco Bay Area.[12][13]

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