Landlord Law & Multi-housing Report

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Landlord Law & Multi-housing Report
FormatOnline journal
Owner(s)CD Publications
PublisherMike Gerecht
EditorRobert Harris
Headquarters8204 Fenton Street
Silver Spring, MD 20910
United States

Landlord Law & Multi-housing Report is a news service (or newsletter) produced in Silver Spring, Maryland by CD Publications. It covers federal and state court decisions and HUD rulings on public, assisted, senior and disabled housing.


CD Publications began publishing housing-related newsletters in 1961, starting with Housing Affairs Letter. Managing Housing Letter began publication in 1978, and Landlord Law Report was added in 1996. In late 2006, MHL was merged with LLR to form Landlord Law & Multi-housing Report, which still is referred to as LLR.

Current Coverage[edit]

LLR carries synopses of recent federal and state court decisions on fair housing, premises liability, rent/lease issues, eviction, handicapped accessibility, building security, and Section 8 tenants, plus summaries of HUD rulings. Each article also includes a short "lesson" to be learned from the outcome of the case.


In 2007, LLR was changed to a web-based format and, along with CD Publications' other housing news services, was moved onto the web portal

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