Lanang Bridge

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Lanang Bridge

Jambatan Lanang
Lanang Bridge.JPG
Coordinates 2°14′N 111°50′E / 2.24°N 111.83°E / 2.24; 111.83Coordinates: 2°14′N 111°50′E / 2.24°N 111.83°E / 2.24; 111.83
CarriesMotor vehicles
CrossesBatang Rajang, Sarawak, Malaysia
LocaleJkr-ft--.png Jalan Lanang Barat / Jalan Teluk Assan
Maintained bySarawak Public Works Department (JKR)
Woodville Development Sdn. Bhd.
Designbox girder bridge
Total length1.2 km
DesignerState Government of Sarawak
Sarawak Public Works Department (JKR)
Woodville Development Sdn. Bhd.
Constructed byWoodville Development Sdn. Bhd.
Construction start2003 [1]
Construction end2006
Opened11 April 2006

The Lanang Bridge, Sarawak State Route Q326, is a 1.2-km toll bridge in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia. It was constructed in 2003 by a local concessionaire, Woodville Development Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Shin Yang Group, to replace the former river ferry service crossing the Batang Rajang.[1] The bridge, together with a series of states highways linking Sibu to Sarikei (Jalan Teluk Assan Q326, Jalan Tanjung Genting Q576, Jalan Kelupu Q206, Sarikei-Bintangor Highway Q345, and Sarikei-Pasi-Meradong Highway Q575), forms an alternative route for the Sarikei-Sibu section of the Pan Borneo Highway. Built at the total cost of RM 180 million, the bridge was opened to motorists on 11 April 2006.[2]

Controversy and criticism[edit]

Sunset on the Lanang bridge

The bridge was heavily criticised by motorists, especially the residents of Sarikei and Sibu, who regularly use the toll bridge for its ridiculously expensive toll rates. For instance, cars are charged at RM3.00 per crossing, which translates to RM2.50 per kilometre. Motorcycles are also charged at RM0.50. As a result, car drivers frequently commuting from Sarikei to Sibu and vice versa may need to spend as much as RM300 monthly for the toll bridge alone.[2]

Due to the criticisms by local residents, on 2011 the federal government proposed to take over the bridge and abolish the toll collection.[3][4]

List of junctions[edit]

Km Exit Interchange/Junctions To Remarks
Jkr-ft1.svg Bintulu
Jkr-ft1.svg Miri

Sibu town center

Upper Lanang Industrial Estate
4-way signalised intersection
Start/End of dual-carriageway
Jkr-ft--.png Lanang Bridge
Start/End of bridge
Hentian sebelah.jpg Petronas Layby Parking (malaysia).jpg Petrol station (malaysia).jpg Petronas ATM (malaysia).jpg Toilet sign (Malaysia).svg Sarikei bound
Batang Rajang bridge
Lanang Bridge
1.2 kilometres
Start/End of bridge
Sibu Division
Sibu district border
Batang Rajang Bridge
Rajang Bridge
1.2 kilometres
Sibu-Sarikei division border
Sarikei Division
Meradong district border

Batang Rajang bridge
Lanang Bridge
1.2 kilometres
Start/End of bridge
U-turn U-turn Sibu bound
Jkr-ft--.png Lanang Bridge
Start/End of bridge

Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Teluk Assan
Start/End of dual-carriageway


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Coordinates: 2°14′40″N 111°50′0″E / 2.24444°N 111.83333°E / 2.24444; 111.83333