Karkin language

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Native toUnited States (California)
EthnicityKarkin people
Language codes
ISO 639-3krb

The Karkin language (also called Los Carquines in Spanish) is one of eight Ohlone languages. It was extinct by the 1950s and was formerly spoken in north central California.[2]

Karkin is an Ohlone/Costanoan language, in the Utian language family,[3][4] which is a Yok-Utian language, in the Penutian language family.[2]

It was historically spoken by the Karkin people, who lived in the Carquinez Strait region in the northeast portion of the San Francisco Bay estuary.[5] Its only documentation is a single vocabulary obtained by linguist-missionary Felipe Arroyo de la Cuesta at Mission Dolores in 1821.[6] Although meager, the records of Karkin show that it constituted a distinct branch of Costanoan, strikingly different from the neighboring Chochenyo Ohlone language and other Ohlone languages spoken farther south.[7] Karkin has probably not been spoken since the 19th century.

All Costanoan languages became extinct, but some are being studied and revived.[8]


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