James B. Rosenwald

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James B. Rosenwald III
James B. Rosenwald.jpg
Born (1958-01-19) January 19, 1958 (age 62)
CitizenshipUnited States
EducationB.A. Vassar
M.B.A. NYU Stern School of Business
OccupationManaging Member, Senior Portfolio Manager, Professor

James B. Rosenwald III (born January 19, 1958) is the co-founder and managing partner of Dalton Investments LLC,[1] an asset management company headquartered in Santa Monica, California,[2] and adjunct professor at Stern School of Business at New York University.[3] He has more than thirty years of investment experience in the Pacific Rim area.[4]

Early life and education[edit]

Rosenwald was born in New York City. He is a brother of designer and ceramic artist Jill Rosenwald,[5] and the first cousin of actress Kyra Sedgwick. Rosenwald attended the Dalton School in Manhattan for 13 years, where he met Steve Persky, his partner at Dalton Investments.[6][7] He received a B.A. in Economics from Vassar College (1980) and an M.B.A. from the Graduate School of Business at New York University (1984). He is a CFA Charterholder since 1987.[6][3]

Investment career[edit]

Rosenwald commenced his investment career with the Grace Family at their securities firm, Sterling Grace & Co. While acting as an outside advisor to the Quantum Emerging Growth Fund for Soros Fund Management,[8] Rosenwald met Nicholas Roditi, who was also managing money for Soros' Quota Fund. In 1992, Rosenwald and Roditi founded and co-managed Rosenwald, Roditi & Company, Ltd., now known as Rovida Asset Management, Ltd.[6][9] Rosenwald co-founded Dalton Investments in 1999.[2][10] Dalton's investment style involves holding undervalued stocks for the long term. In particular, it prefers owner-operator companies that align the interests of management and shareholders.[11] Rosenwald is also the chairman and CEO of Rosenwald Capital Management, Inc, a registered investment advisor since 1984.[12] Clients include pensions, endowments, financial services companies, profit sharing plans and high-net-worth individuals.[9]

In addition to security investments, Rosenwald has invested in real estate since 1997. He and Kyle Kazan, co-founded Beach Front Properties, LLC, a real estate investment company based in California.[13] Together, they have invested in residential and commercial properties in the U.S., China, and Germany.

Since 2012, Rosenwald has been an adjunct professor at Stern School of Business at New York University, where he teaches Global Value Investing: Theory and Practice (FINC-GB.3716.12).[3] He and his wife, Laura, make annual contributions to NYU's endowment to fund the Rosenwald Global Value Student Investment Fund. Every year, the fund invests in one or more stocks based on recommendations made by the students in his class.[14][15] On December 8th 2016, Rosenwald was invited to speak at the second annual Asia Value Investor Conference in Hong Kong.[16][17]

Public company directorships[edit]

Year Company Location
2011 to Present Shore Capital Corp.[13] London, UK
2006-2011 Puma Brandenburg Ltd.[18] London, UK
1986-1988 Richmond Hill Savings Bank Floral Park, NY

Private company directorships / managing member[edit]

Year Company
1998 to Present Dalton Investments, LLC.[1]
1984 to Present Rosenwald Capital Management, Inc.[9][12]
1998 to Present Kings Bay Investment Company, Ltd.
2005 to Present Dalton Berlin Real Estate Fund I, Ltd.[13]
2005 to Present Dalton Asia Fund[6][19]
2004 to Present Dalton Greater China Fund [8][20][21][22]
1997 to Present Beach Front Properties, LLC.
2010 to Present Beach Front Property Management, Inc.
2001 to 2013 Prodigy Asia & Emerging Markets Fund[23]
2003 to 2011 Grand River Properties, Ltd.[20][22]
2003 to 2009 JMBO Fund[24][25]
2004 to 2007 Dalton Japan Absolute Return Fund
1993 to 1997 Rosenwald, Roditi & Company, Ltd.

Social and charitable affiliations[edit]

  • Palos Verdes Country Club (California)
  • Princeton Club (New York)
  • The University Club (New York)
  • Los Angeles Philharmonic: Board of Overseers
  • Center Theater Group Artistic Directors Circle (Los Angeles)


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