Iwanami Shoten

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Iwanami Shoten
Iwanami Shoten.gif
FounderShigeo Iwanami
Country of originJapan
Headquarters locationTokyo
Publication typesBooks
Official websitewww.iwanami.co.jp

Iwanami Shoten, Publishers (株式会社岩波書店, Kabushiki Gaisha Iwanami Shoten) is a Japanese publishing company in Tokyo.

Iwanami Shoten was founded in 1913 by Shigeo Iwanami. Its first major publication was the novel Kokoro in 1914. It is known for scholarly publications, editions of classical Japanese literature, dictionaries, and high-quality paperbacks. It publishes Kōjien.

Its head office is at Hitotsubashi 2–5–5, Chiyoda, Tokyo.[1]

Iwanami Shoten


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