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Coat of arms of Hueypoxtla
Coat of arms
Mexico Estado de Mexico Hueypoxtla location map.svg
StateMexico State
Municipal seatHueypoxtla
 • Total39,864[1]
Time zoneUTC-6 (CST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-5 (CDT)

Hueypoxtla is the municipality located in Zumpango Region, the northeastern part of the state of Mexico in Mexico. The municipality is located at a northern pass leading out of the Valley of Mexico and Mezquital Valley to—kilometers north of Mexico City and about  km northeast of the state capital of Toluca. The name comes from Nahuatl and means "place of great merchants".[2]


Mexico Estado de Mexico Hueypoxtla communities map.svg

It is located between the parallels 99° 27’ 51” and 99° 37’ 32” west longitude, and 18° 41’ 35” and 18° 55’ 22” north latitude. Hueypoxtla borders Zumpango. It covers a total surface area of 201.54 km2 at an altitude of 6,634 ft. In the year 2005 census by INEGI, it reported a population of 39,864.[1]

The town of Hueypoxtla, a municipal seat, has governing jurisdiction over the following communities or towns: Santa María Ajolopan, San Francisco Zacacalco, Tinguistongo, Guadalupe Nopala, Emiliano Zapata and Casa Blanca.[3] The total municipality extends 96.37 and borders with the municipalities of Apaxco, Tequixquiac, Zumpango and the state of Hidalgo (Tizayuca, Tolcayuca, San Agustín Tlaxiaca and Ajacuba).

Other Río Salado of Hueypoxtla river connect with Gran Canal.[4]

The municipal seat is in a small, elongated valley but most of the municipality is a transitions from the Valley of Mexico to the Mezquital Valley.[5] The highest mountain the Picacho in the Sierra Tezontlalpa, it rises 2,800 metres (9,200 ft) above sea level,[6] on the border between the municipalities of Hueypoxtla and Apaxco.

Flora and fauna[edit]

Salado river, born in Hueypoxtla.

Hueypoxtla is big municipality but only there is a part of Sierra de Tetzontlalpan a mountain region with oak, yucca, huizache, mesquite and pirul, mainly has got semi-desert plains named Lomas de España (Spain plains) with Zumpango municipality. The plants are fruit trees as capulin, white zapote, avocado, tejocote, and cactus as prickly pears, chollas, and others. Spanish people, in colonial period, planted here olive trees, pomegranates, figs and vineyards by soil acidity.[7]

The animals are cacomistle, skunk, opossum, bobcat, coyote, rabbit, hare, the birds are turkey vulture, falcon, eagle, quail, owl, roadrunner, crow and various kinds of insects and reptils.[8]


In Hueypoxtla, fossils of plants and animal species from the Cretaceous have been found. While there is no evidence in this municipality about human groups, the proximity with Tequixquiac municipality, the place where the sacrum bone was found, leads one to think that humans inhabited this region.[9]

Around 1219 the altepetl of Hueypoxtla was founded by Chichimecas under places named Iztatzacuala by Huitzitl, a chichimeca man.[9][10]

When arrived here, nahuas and otomis, founded Teotlalpan; it's possible that this region has been called Teotlalpan by the existence of lime areas, a material used for the building of teocallis, devoted houses built for religious activities.[10]

Communication and transport[edit]

The Arco Norte, is a main highway that cross by Hueypoxtla, connect with Atlacomulco to San Martín Texmelucan; Santa María Ajoloapan is payment access to the highway.[11]


Mayor Time
Diego Vargas Colin 2009–2012
Francisco Santillán Santillán 2012–2015
Adrián Reyes Oropeza 2016–


The economy is principally farming, cattle raising and small businesses, concentrating on the production of corn, beans and fruit. Tourists are attracted by its climate and some notable churches, as well as some ecotourism attractions. It has an unexplored archeological zone.[citation needed]


Populated places in Hueypoxtla[edit]

Town Population
Total 39,864
Santa María Ajoloapan 9,185
San Marcos Jilotzingo 8,523
San Francisco Zacacalco 7,420
Hueypoxtla 3,989
Guadalupe Nopala
San José Bata (Emiliano Zapata)
Tezontlalpa de Zapata


Saint Bartholomew Parish in Hueypoxtla.


  • Assumption of Mary Parish is a monument in Santa María Ajoloapan town.
  • Saint Bartholomew Parish is a monument in Hueypoxtla town.
  • Saint Mark Evangelist Parish is a monument in San Marcos Jilotzingo town.
  • Saint Francis of Assisi Church is a monument in San Francisco Zacacalco town.
  • Presa Luis Espinoza de Hueypoxtla is an old dam built in century XIX.
  • Casa Blanca hacienda is a Spanish building connecting with other haciendas and old towns.

Food and drinks[edit]


  • Javier Ramirez Flores, a respected man at the age of 94 (2018), has contributed greatly to the education platform in Hueypoxtla. Many educational facilities have been enforced through his effort. He was close to a superintendent of schools throughout this region. A primary school in Hueypoxtla was named in his name. Not to miss, Javier Ramirez was also once Municipal President of Hueypoxtla.
  • Narciso García Flores, teacher, poet and writer, was an intellectual of Mexican Revolution.[12]

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Coordinates: 19°55′N 99°03′W / 19.917°N 99.050°W / 19.917; -99.050