Homelessness in South Africa

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Street people sleeping in the Company Gardens, Cape Town.
Homeless person collecting recyclables in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Homelessness in South Africa dates back to the apartheid period.[1] Increasing unemployment, lack of affordable housing, social disintegration, and social and economic policies have all been identified as contributing factors to the issue.[2] Some scholars argue that solutions to homelessness in South Africa lie more within the private sphere than in the legal and political spheres.[3]

There is no national census on homeless people in South Africa, researchers instead rely on individual studies of homeless persons in particular cities.[4] The South African homeless population has been estimated at approximately 200 000.[5]

One study found that three out of four South African metropolitan municipalities viewed homelessness primarily as a social dependency issue, responding with social interventions. At the same time, homeless South Africans indicated that the most important thing the municipality could assist them with was employment and well-located affordable housing.[6]


Child homelessness in South Africa has been portrayed in the novel Thirteen Cents by K. Sello Duiker.[7]

Homelessness in South African cities has been portrayed in art in a controversial piece titled Birds in a Cornfield.[8]

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