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The related changes feature (found in the Toolbox menu) lists all recent changes in articles to which the current page has a link, but not more than the number specified in the preferences. Its header is "Related changes" with a subheader "(to pages linked from "xxx")".

As in Recent Changes and Enhanced Recent Changes, watched pages are bolded.

This feature can be used to set up custom watchlist-like functionality. It behaves like a watchlist, which would contain every page to which the current page linked. However, Related Changes do not automatically include talk pages; for the talk pages to be automatically included, the page to which Related Changes is applied has to link to these pages. See Help:Public watchlist for details.


The option "Hide minor edits" that can be set in the preferences applies to Related Changes.

See also hide minor edits.

In code[edit]

In code, one can link to any page to be RELC tracked:


Use the full pagename (including namespace).


  • Changes to the source page (page with links) itself is not listed.
  • For links to redirects, only a change in the redirect is given, not a change in the target article. In this regard a direct link to the target article is superior.
  • The "Related changes" feature does not list changes in images, sound files or image description pages (regardless of which of the three linking methods (image, :image or media) is used.)
  • When applying the feature to a subpage, the automatic link to the parent page is ignored, i.e., changes in the parent page are not listed unless there is also an explicit link to it.

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