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Editing pages
Lets look at some source code

Keeping it tidy

Links and Wikilinks
Connect pages up to each other

Creating new articles
Building a page from scratch

Review of what you've learned

A note about editing on mobile devices: Most Wikipedians prefer to edit from a computer, as the editing interface works better there. You can edit from a mobile device, though. See this page for more information.


Wikipedia is formatted using its own language called Wiki Markup. It's pretty simple to learn if you want to.

You have a choice of using one of two editing tools here, and it's our 'Source Editor' that writes text using wiki markup.

Source Editor edit tab-en.png

Alternatively, you can use VisualEditor, a secondary editing interface that works more like a word processor. While VisualEditor is simpler to use, Source Editor can be more effective for some tasks. You can easily switch between them while editing.

Don't be afraid to click the edit button! (1:06 min)

To view and edit a page's source code, just click Edit at the top of any page. This will allow you to type in the text that you want to add, using wiki markup to format the text and add other elements like images and tables that are explained later in this tutorial.

Wiki Markup can initially seem intimidating (especially references) but it actually requires only a few rules to understand and use and you'll quickly get used to it! You can always test new techniques in your "sandbox" page.