Emm Brook

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The Emm Brook view south of Toutley Bridge, Forest Road
Emm Brook
River Loddon
Sandford Lane
Dinton Pastures
 B3030  Robin Hood Lane
Old Forest Road Bridge
Toutley Road
Emmbrook Road
 A321  Twyford Road
Waterloo–Reading line
 A329  Reading Road
Woosehill Spine Road
Meadow Road
 B3349  Barkham Road
Ashville Way
North Downs Line
Oakey Drive
 A321  Finchampstead Road
Heathlands Road
Luckley Road
Easthampstead Road
Redlake Lane ford
North Downs Line
Old Wokingham Road
Queens Mere
 B3430  Nine Mile Ride
Kings Mere

The Emm Brook, sometimes known as the Embrook[citation needed] or Emmbrook, is a small river in the English county of Berkshire. It is a tributary of the River Loddon which it meets at the village of Hurst.[1]

The Wokingham suburb of Emmbrook is named after the river.

The Emm Brook flows along the eastern boundary of The Emmbrook School.

The last major flood of the Emm Brook (now officially classified as a river) occurred on July 20, 2007. It was a flash flood that breached banks at the Emmbrook School (among others). It destroyed the ground floor rooms and computer suites of the Emmbrook School causing them to be totally rebuilt over the summer holiday. The school's starting date was postponed by two weeks in the next school year.

It passes through Dinton Pastures Country Park, where the original route has been diverted to enable gravel extraction in the 1970s.[2]

Water quality[edit]

The water quality of the Emm Brook was as follows in 2016:

Section Ecological
Length Catchment Channel
Emm Brook[3] Poor Good Poor 14.566 kilometres (9.051 mi) 42.421 square kilometres (16.379 sq mi)

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Coordinates: 51°27′10″N 0°52′34″W / 51.4529°N 0.8762°W / 51.4529; -0.8762