Demented Death Farm Massacre

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Demented Death Farm Massacre
Demented death farm massacre dvd cover.jpg
DVD cover for Demented Death Farm Massacre
Directed byDonn Davison
Fred Olen Ray
Produced byDonn Davison
Fred Olen Ray
Written byBarbara Morris Davison
StarringAshley Brooks
George Ellis
Trudy Moore
Mike Coolik
Narrated byJohn Carradine
CinematographyAvrum M. Fine
Edited byAvrum M. Fine
Distributed byTroma Entertainment
Release date
  • 1971 (1971)
Running time
90 minutes

Demented Death Farm Massacre is a 1971 horror film directed by Fred Olen Ray and Donn Davison and features screen legend John Carradine as 'The Judge of Hell', who narrates the story.


A group of jewel thieves on the lam run out of fuel in the middle of the countryside. They wander into a backwoods farm, hoping to hide out for the time being. However, when the farmer returns home only to find the thieves taking over the house, he hatches a deadly plan.


  • Ashley Brooks as Reba Sue Craven
  • George Ellis as Harlan P. Craven
  • Trudy Moore as Karen
  • Mike Coolik as Kirk
  • Jim Peck as Phillip
  • Pepper Thurston as Susan
  • Valarie Lipsey as Madame Jessabelle
  • John Carradine as the Judge of Hell

Other titles[edit]

  • Honey Britches
  • Moonshiner's Women
  • Shantytown Honeymoon
  • Hillbilly Hooker
  • Little Whorehouse on the Prairie


Producer Fred Olen Ray bought the obscure, and barely released, 1972 film Shantytown Honeymoon and shot several new scenes with John Carradine as the Judge of Hell and gave it a limited theatrical release as Demented Death Farm Massacre.

Home media[edit]

In 1986, Olen Ray sold the film to Troma under the new title who released it on VHS. Troma would later release it in various DVD packages alongside lesser known titles that had been purchased for distribution.

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