Common Turkic languages

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Common Turkic
Eastern Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, Siberia, East Asia
Linguistic classificationTurkic
  • Common Turkic
Common Turkic Languages distribution map.png
Map of the distribution of Common Turkic Languages across Eurasia

Common Turkic, or Shaz Turkic, is a taxon in some classifications of the Turkic languages that includes all of them except the Oghuric languages.


Lars Johanson's proposal contains the following subgroups:[1]

In that classification scheme, Common Turkic is opposed to Oghur Turkic (Lir-Turkic). The Common Turkic languages are characterized by sound correspondences such as Common Turkic š versus Oghuric l and Common Turkic z versus Oghuric r.

In other classification schemes (such as those of Alexander Samoylovich and Nikolay Baskakov), the breakdown is different.


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