Colégio Pedro II

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Pedro II School
Colégio Pedro II
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Pedro II School is located in Brazil
Pedro II School
Pedro II School
Campo de São Cristóvão, 177

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Coordinates22°53′57″S 43°13′16″W / 22.8992°S 43.2211°W / -22.8992; -43.2211Coordinates: 22°53′57″S 43°13′16″W / 22.8992°S 43.2211°W / -22.8992; -43.2211
School typeFederal Public School
Motto"Buscamos no saber a perfeição suprema"
(We seek in knowledge the supreme perfection)
EstablishedDecember 2, 1837
Founded1739 as Saint Peter Orphans' School, 1766 as Saint Joachim School
RectorOscar Halac
Number of students12000
CampusesHumaitá (2 units)

Centro São Cristóvão (3 units) Tijuca (2 units) Realengo (2 units) Engenho Novo (2 units) Duque de Caxias

Colégio Pedro II, 1856
School uniforms (1855)

Colégio Pedro II (Pedro II School) is a Federal Public School located in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Named after Pedro II of Brazil, it was established on December 2, 1837, and made official by Imperial decree on December 20 of the same year. It was named after the Emperor, since it was established on his birthday. Its origins can be traced to the Saint Peter Orphans' School founded in 1739, and later renamed to Saint Joachim School in 1766.

Its first campus, downtown Rio de Janeiro, functions to this day. The school is mentioned in the Brazilian Constitution, which says that it should remain under the Federal orbit.[citation needed]