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IBM code page 936 was a character encoding for Simplified Chinese including 1880 UDC. It was a combination of the single-byte Code page 903 and the double-byte Code page 928.[1]

Code page 928, the double byte component, included 9356 characters as double-byte sequences starting with 0x81 through 0xAC and 0xF0 through 0xFA. It was documented in 1992 and superseded in 1993 by Code page 1380, encoding the same characters in a different layout.[2] Documentation for Code page 1380 (the document C-H 3-3220-130 1993-11) is provided online by IBM, whereas IBM do not similarly provide the documentation for the older Code page 928 (the document C-H 3-3220-130 1992-11) and suggest contacting them for more information.[2][3]

IBM code page 936 should not be confused with the identically numbered Windows code page, which is a variant of the GBK encoding and is called Code page 1386 by IBM. International Components for Unicode does not include an IBM-936 codec, and uses the Windows code page for the "cp936" label.[4]


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