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The City of Vancouver Book Award is a Canadian literary award, that has been presented annually by the city of Vancouver, British Columbia to one or more works of literature judged as the year's best fiction, non-fiction, poetry or drama work about the city.

As with the City of Toronto Book Award, the award may go to one or more books.

The award has a monetary value of $3,000. The prize is funded by interest earned from the city's publishing reserve, which was established in 1977 as a permanent legacy for writers and publishers. The fund received royalties generated from Vancouver's First Century: A Photo History of Vancouver, edited by city staff. The third edition of the book, renamed Vancouver: A City Album, for many years generated royalty payments for the fund.

Winners and finalists[edit]

Year Winner Finalists
Jury: Jean Barman, Russell Kelly, Doreen Westgarth
Blue ribbon Paul Yee, Saltwater City: An Illustrated History of the Chinese in Vancouver
Blue ribbon Sky Lee, Disappearing Moon Cafe
Jury: Sue Baptie, Sean Rossiter, Don Stewart
Blue ribbon Michael Kluckner, Vanishing Vancouver
Jury: Jean Barman, Janice Douglas, Margaret Gabriel
Blue ribbon Gerald Straley, Trees of Vancouver: A Guide to the Common and Unusual Trees of the City
Jury: Gordon Elliott, John Oliphant, Lucy Stewart
Blue ribbon Bruce Macdonald, Vancouver: A Visual History
Jury: Andrea Davies, Chuck Davis, Bruce Macdonald
Blue ribbon Denise Chong, The Concubine's Children
Jury: Irene Howard, Nancy Stubbs, Greg Willett
Blue ribbon Elspeth Cameron, Earle Birney: A Life
Jury: Mary Ann Cantillon, Irene Howard, Brahm Kornbluth
Blue ribbon Wayson Choy, The Jade Peony
Jury: Laura Hackett, Judy Taylor, Anne Yandle
Blue ribbon Rhodri Windsor Liscombe, The New Spirit: Modern Architecture in Vancouver, 1938-1963
Jury: Donna Brendon, Ian Chunn, Vickie Jensen
Blue ribbon Chuck Davis, The Greater Vancouver Book: An Urban Encyclopaedia
Jury: Mark Leier, Bob Sarti, Joseph Stewart
Blue ribbon Bud Osborn, Keys to Kingdoms
Jury: Shamina Senaratne, Nina Smart, Joseph Stewart
Blue ribbon Lilia D'Acres and Donald Luxton, Lions Gate
Jury: Brenda Peterson, Shamina Senaratne, Don Stewart
Blue ribbon Madeleine Thien, Simple Recipes
Jury: Brenda Peterson, Denise Ryan, Michael Varty
Blue ribbon Keith Carlson, A Sto:lo-Coast Salish Historical Atlas
Jury: George Fetherling, Michael Varty, Anne Yandle
Blue ribbon Lincoln Clarkes, Ken Dietrich-Campbell, Patricia Canning and Elaine Allan, Heroines

Blue ribbon Reid Shier, ed., Stan Douglas: Every Building on 100 Block West Hastings

Jury: Crystal Allen, Keith Bunnell, George Fetherling
Blue ribbon Daniel Francis, L.D.: Mayor Louis Taylor and the Rise of Vancouver

Honourable Mentions: Caroline Adderson, Sitting Practice; Maggie de Vries, Missing Sarah: A Vancouver Woman Remembers Her Vanished Sister; John Punter, The Vancouver Achievement: Urban Planning and Design

Jury: Keith Bunnell, Laurie Roggeman, Max Wyman
Blue ribbon Lance Berelowitz, Dream City: Vancouver and the Global Imagination
  • Wayson Choy, All That Matters
  • Leslie Robertson and Dara Culhane, eds., In Plain Sight: Reflections on Life in Downtown Eastside Vancouver
  • Various authors, The Vancouver Stories: West Coast Fiction from Canada's Best Writers
Jury: Rod Clarke, Glenn Deer, Laurie Roggeman
Blue ribbon Jean Barman, Stanley Park's Secret: The Forgotten Families of Whoi Whoi, Kanaka Ranch, and Brockton Point

Blue ribbon James P. Delgado, Waterfront: The Illustrated Maritime History of Greater Vancouver

Jury: Glenn Deer, Marc Fournier, Karen X. Tulchinsky
Blue ribbon Michael Kluckner, Vancouver Remembered
Jury: Michelle Benjamin, Marc Fournier, Fernanda Viveiros
Blue ribbon Brad Cran and Gillian Jerome, Hope in Shadows: Stories and Photographs of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
  • Gary Geddes, Falsework
  • Eve Lazarus, At Home With History: The Untold Secrets of Greater Vancouver's Heritage Homes
  • Kaija Pepper, The Man Next Door Dances: The Art of Peter Bingham
Jury: Janice Douglas, Fred Wah, Fernanda Viveiros
Blue ribbon Lee Henderson, The Man Game
Jury: Janice Douglas, Fred Wah, Jean Wilson
Blue ribbon Bruce Grenville and Scott Steedman, Visions of British Columbia
Jury: Emilie Dierking, Lee Henderson, Jim Wong-Chu
Blue ribbon Michael Christie, The Beggar's Garden: Stories
Jury: Jane Bouey, David Chariandy, Rebecca Wigod
Blue ribbon W. H. New, YVR
Jury: Andrea Davies, Elee Kraljii Gardiner, Paul Whitney
Blue ribbon Amber Dawn, How Poetry Saved My Life: A Hustler's Memoir
Jury: Jordan Abel, Elee Kraljii Gardiner, Anna Ling Kaye
Blue ribbon David Stouck, Arthur Erickson: An Architect's Life
Jury: Anna Ling Kaye, Zoey Leigh Peterson, Sirish Rao
Blue ribbon Wayde Compton, The Outer Harbour: Stories
Jury: Shirley Lew, Zoey Leigh Peterson, Mary Schendlinger
Blue ribbon Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, Karen Duffek, and Tania Willard, Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun: Unceded Territories
2017 Blue ribbon Carleigh Baker, Bad Endings[1]


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