Chrysalis School

The Chrysalis School was an independent school for autistic children in Hertfordshire, England. The school moved to Hitchin before closing in 2011. It used the model of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to facilitate teaching its pupils.[1]

The school's aim was to start working with young children who had just been diagnosed as autistic, or those who had been following a home-based ABA programme. It was set up by two families who have autistic children.

With the backing of the Local Education Authority, plus fundraising and grants, the school provided places for children between five and sixteen years of age. The school was a registered charity.[2]

Fundraising events[edit]

The school regularly organised a variety of public events to raise funds.[3] These included sports events; balls; musicals, such as a performance of the 'Twelfth Night' in 2008;[4] and murder mystery nights.

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