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The Cabinet of Sarawak (or, formally, Sarawak State Executive Council) is a part of the executive arm of the Government of Sarawak, Malaysia. The Cabinet consists of the Chief Minister, appointed by the Governor on the basis that he is able to command a majority in the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly, and a number of ministers made up of members of the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly.

This Cabinet is similar in structure and role to that of federal level, while being smaller in size. As federal and state responsibilities differ, there are a number of portfolios that differ between the federal and state governments.

Members of the Cabinet are selected by the Chief Minister, and appointed by the Governor. Cabinet Ministers are always the head of a ministry.

Full members[edit]

The present Cabinet was formed on 19 January 2017.[1] As promised by Chief Minister Abang Johari Abang Openg, the present Cabinet was reshuffled on 6 May 2017. Except for the United Sarawak Party, state ministers of the Cabinet are from the Gabungan Parti Sarawak, formerly the Sarawak Barisan Nasional until 2018. At the time of appointment, the average age of 2017 Cabinet is 62.8 of age. The eldest is Wong Soon Koh of age 75 while the youngest is Dr. Sim Kui Hian of age 51. Since then, members of the Cabinet are:[2][3][4]

Name Portfolio Party Constituency
Abang Abdul Rahman Zohari Abang Openg Chief Minister PBB Satok
Minister of Finance and Economic Planning
Minister of Urban Development and Natural Resources
Douglas Uggah Embas Deputy Chief Minister PBB Bukit Saban
Minister of Modernisation of Agriculture, Native Land and Regional Development
Dr. James Jemut Masing Deputy Chief Minister PRS Baleh
Minister of Infrastructural Development and Transport
Awang Tengah Ali Hasan Deputy Chief Minister PBB Bukit Sari
Minister of Industrial and Entrepreneurial Development
Second Minister of Urban Development and Natural Resources
Wong Soon Koh Second Minister of Finance PSB Bawang Assan
Minister of International Trade and E-Commerce
Dr. Sim Kui Hian Minister of Local Government and Housing SUPP Batu Kawa
Michael Manyin Jawong Minister of Education, Science and Technological Research PBB Tebedu
Fatimah Abdullah Minister of Welfare, Community Well-being, Women, Family and Childhood Development PBB Dalat
Dr. Stephen Rundi Utom Minister of Rural Electricity and Water Supply PBB Kemena
Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah Minister of Tourism, Art, Culture, Youth and Sports PBB Asajaya
Talip Zulpilip Minister in the Chief Minister's Office PBB Jepak

Assistant ministers[edit]

Assistant ministers, being a member of the Legislative Assembly but not that of the Cabinet, are deputies to a respective minister and the second-in-command of their respective ministry. Since 6 May 2017, they are:[1][2]

Name Portfolio Party Constituency
Francis Harden Hollis Assistant Minister for Community Well-being SUPP Simanggang
Lee Kim Shin Assistant Minister for Tourism, Art and Culture SUPP Senadin
Mohd. Naroden Majais Assistant Minister for E-Commerce PBB Simunjan
Assistant Minister for Entrepreneur and Small Medium Enterprise Development
John Sikie Tayai Assistant Minister for Native Laws and Customs PRS Kakus
Julaihi Narawi Assistant Minister for Coastal Road PBB Sebuyau
Dr. Jerip Susil Assistant Minister for Transportation PSB Mambong
Liwan Lagang Assistant Minister for Water Supply PRS Belaga
Rosey Yunus Assistant Minister for Women, Family and Childhood Development PBB Bekenu
Len Talif Salleh Assistant Minister for Urban Planning, Land Administration and Environment PBB Kuala Rajang
Roland Sagah Wee Inn Assistant Minister for Native Land Development PBB Tarat
Dr. Abdul Rahman Junaidi Assistant Minister for Rural Electricity PBB Pantai Damai
Dr. Abdul Rahman Ismail Assistant Minister for Agriculture PBB Bukit Kota
Sharifah Hasidah Sayeed Aman Ghazalie Assistant Minister for Law, State-Federal Relations and Project Monitoring PBB Samariang
Dr. Annuar Rapaee Assistant Minister for Education and Technological Research PBB Nangka
Assistant Minister for Public Health
Malcolm Mussen Lamoh Assistant Minister for Industries and Investment PRS Batang Ai
Dr. Penguang Manggil Assistant Minister for Local Government and Housing PDP Marudi
Abdullah Saidol Assistant Minister for Corporate Affairs PBB Semop
Snowdan Lawan Assistant Minister for Youth and Sports PRS Balai Ringin

Ex-officio members[edit]

Position Office bearer
State Secretary Mohamad Morshidi Abdul Ghani
State Attorney-General Talat Mahmood Abdul Rashid
State Financial Secretary Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman

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