Buena Vista Yokuts

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Buena Vista Yokuts
RegionSan Joaquin Valley, California
EthnicityYokut people
Yok-Utian ?
Language codes
ISO 639-3(included in yok)
Yokuts Buena Vista dialects.svg
Distribution of Buena Vista Yokuts

Buena Vista was a Yokuts dialect of California.

The dialect was "formerly spoken in at least two local varieties around Buena Vista Lake in Kern County, California,"[1] in the villages of Hometwoli, Loasau, Tuhohi, and Tulamni.[3]


Pronouns in Buena Vista Yokuts

Two documented dialects of Buena Vista were Tulamni and Hometwali.[4] Tuhohi (also called Tohohai or Tuhohayi) was a similar dialect, spoken by a tribe who "lived among channels and sloughs of Kern River where they enter Tulare Lake."[5]

A variety of the Barbareño language "was heavily influenced by Buena Vista Yokuts." This language was called Emigdiano, as it was "spoken at San Emigdio near Buena Vista Lake."[6]


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