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Bekenu is located in Borneo
Coordinates: 4°03′N 113°51′E / 4.05°N 113.85°E / 4.05; 113.85Coordinates: 4°03′N 113°51′E / 4.05°N 113.85°E / 4.05; 113.85
Country Malaysia
State Sarawak
10 m (30 ft)

Bekenu (also known as Bekenu Bazaar or Bakenu) is a small fishing town near Miri, in Sarawak, Malaysia.[1] It lies approximately 477.6 kilometres (297 mi) northeast of the state capital Kuching.

The town has a few rows of shophouses, a fish market, several places to eat,[2] and a pleasant esplanade.[3] The town square faces the Bekenu river, and many of the shophouses date from the 1930s.[4]

The most serious recent flood in Bekenu was in 1962 when shops were flooded up to the first floor and people had to be rescued by fishermen in rowing boats.[4]

Neighbouring settlements include:


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