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A bCODE is an identifier that can be sent to a mobile phone/device and used as a ticket/voucher/identification or other type of token.[1] The bCODE is an SMS message that can be read electronically from the screen of a mobile device. Bcodes can be sent by text message, and as they are just a standard SMS they can be received on over 99% of all devices.

Bcodes have many uses such as advertising, loyalty programs, promotions, ticketing and more.


bCODE was developed by an Australian company from 2003-2005.

bCODE Technology[edit]

A bCODE is a simple SMS text message that looks something like this:


This text message is read from the screen of a mobile phone/device and decoded into a unique token ID. This ID can then be used to supply the consumer with their own unique experience.


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