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All asset management companies (AMC) in Singapore are being oversee by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).[1] AMC is generally an asset management / investment management company/firm that invests the pooled funds of investors in securities in line with the stated investment objectives.

Regulated by MAS[edit]

To conduct the regulated activity of fund management either as a Licensed FMC, a Registered FMC or a Venture Capital Fund Manager, AMC will need to register with MAS.[2]

Investment fee in Singapore[edit]

AMC in Singapore provide their investment services for a fee. They charge commission fees for each transaction you make. That means that when you buy shares, you get charged. When you sell your shares, you also get charged.[3]

For a fee, the company/firm provides more diversification, liquidity, and professional management consulting service than is normally available to individual investors. The diversification of portfolio is done by investing in such securities which are inversely correlated to each other. Money is collected from investors by way of floating various collective investment schemes, e.g. mutual fund schemes. In general, an AMC is a company that is engaged primarily in the business of investing in, and managing, portfolios of securities.

Largest companies[edit]

The following is a list of the top 5 AMCs located in Singapore (as of 2017):[4]

Firm/company Country
Standard Life Aberdeen UK
BlackRock United States
The Vanguard Group United States
UBS Switzerland
State Street Global Advisors United States
Fidelity Investments United States

Notable AMCs within S.E.A[edit]



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