Asian Affairs

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Asian Affairs  
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Publication history
Journal of the Central Asian Society 1914-1931; Journal of the Royal Central Asian Society 1931-1969; Asian Affairs 1969-present
Standard abbreviations
Asian Aff.
ISSN0306-8374 (print)
1477-1500 (web)

Asian Affairs, the journal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, has been published continuously since 1914 (originally as the Journal of the Central Asian Society, and from 1931 to 1969 as the Journal of the Royal Central Asian Society). It covers a range of social, political, and historical subjects linked to Asia. It also is a major source of book reviews. The Journal provides a forum at the interface between learned interest, scholarship, journalism and personal experience. There are also two magazines called Asian Affairs, one published for the past decade or so from Hong Kong, and another from Delhi.

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