1992 Winnipeg municipal election

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The 1992 Winnipeg municipal election was held on October 28, 1992 to elect a mayor, councillors and school trustees in the city of Winnipeg.

Susan Thompson defeated Greg Selinger in the mayoral contest.



1992 Winnipeg municipal election, Councillor, Elmwood Wardedit
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
(x)Lillian Thomas 6,708 57.99
Patrice McGrath 3,090 26.71
John Kubi 1,770 15.30
Total valid votes 11,568 100.00
  • Patrice McGrath was a first-time candidate. She was a taxi driver in Winnipeg during the 1990s. In 1993, she wrote a letter criticizing the existing welfare system in the city. She argued in favour of job creation with incentives, rather than cutbacks for single employable persons.[1]
  • John Kubi was a first-time candidate. During the late 1990s, he served on a panel that reviewed George Cuff's recommendations for restructuring Winnipeg's municipal government. Kubi argued that Cuff's recommendations would centralize decision-making and reduce public consultation, and recommended its rejection.[2] He was a member of the River East Neighbourhood Network in 2002, and called for a greater police presence in the area.[3] As of 2007, he is a member of the East Kildonan-Transcona Resident Advisory Group.[4]

1992 Winnipeg municipal election, Councillor, Transcona Wardedit
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
(x)Rick Boychuk 7,800 47.12
(x)Shirley Timm-Rudolph 5,980 36.13
Andrea Lillian Reid 2,772 16.75
Total valid votes 16,552 100.00
  • Andrea Lillian Reid chaired an advisory committee on the Transcona Community Revitalization Program before running for public office.[5]


1992 Winnipeg mayoral election
Candidate Votes Percentage
Susan Thompson 89,743 39.01%
Greg Selinger 75,123 32.66%
Dave Brown 31,859 13.85%
Ernie Gilroy 26,001 11.30%
Natalie Pollock 1,311 0.57%
Dan Zyluk 833 0.36%
Darryl Soshycki 727 0.32%
Walter Diawol 553 0.24%
Menardo A. Caneda 534 0.23%
Martin Barnes 526 0.23%
James W. Miller (Pin The Elder) 500 0.22%
Bryan R. Benson 491 0.21%
Bob McGugan 433 0.19%
Charles-Alwyn Scotlend 421 0.18%
Ed Hay 374 0.16%
Aurel Joseph Prefontaine 348 0.15%
Rudolph Parker 267 0.12%
Total 230,044 100.00%

School trustees[edit]

Winnipeg School Division[edit]

1992 Winnipeg municipal election, Winnipeg School Board, Ward Three (three members elected)edit
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
(x)Edward Kowalchuk 7,529 15.24
(x)Roman Yereniuk 6,601 13.36
Bill Sanderson 6,342 12.84
Debi Ann Spence 4,948 10.02
Chris Kowalski 4,587 9.29
Ray Reeves 4,314 8.73
Luba Fedorkiw 4,251 8.60
Frank Unger 3,497 7.08
Angelina Olivier-Job 3,041 6.16
Roy Price 2,314 4.68
Wayne Rumley 1,978 4.00
Total valid votes 49,402 100.00

Results taken from the Winnipeg Free Press.

Electors could vote for three candidates. Percentages are determined in relation to the total number of votes.

  • Bill Sanderson is an aboriginal Canadian. He was raised in St. Laurent on the Red River,[6] and was educated in Canada's notorious residential school system.[7] He has a degree in Education from the University of Manitoba, and successfully lobbied for the creation of an all-aboriginal Winnipeg high school in 1991.[8] He was elected to the Winnipeg School Board in the 1992 election with the support of the New Democratic Party, and was subsequently chosen as its vice-chairman. He attracted some controversy in 1993, when he accused fellow trustee Betty Granger of racism.[9] The following year, he brought forward a successful motion to have the all-aboriginal Aberdeen Elementary School renamed as Niji Mahkwa.[10] He also supported a motion to teach tolerance toward homosexuals in Winnipeg's public schools in 1994, comparing the social struggles of homosexuals with those of aboriginal Canadians.[11] In 1995, he called for a distinct aboriginal school division in Manitoba.[12] Sanderson became involved in another controversy in 1995, in the period after MaryAnn Mihychuk resigned as chairman of the board. Sanderson argued that he should have automatically succeeded to the position by virtue of his vice-chairmanship; a majority of trustees, however, elected Anita Neville to the position. Sanderson then accused the trustees who voted against him of having been motivated by racism, a charge which they rejected. Fellow trustee Ed Kowalchuk, who had supported Sanderson, said that his support for an aboriginal school division had made him unpopular with other members of the board.[13] He campaigned for re-election in 1995 as an independent, having previously disagreed with the New Democratic Party trustees on budget cuts.[14] He was defeated, finishing eighth in a field of sixteen candidates.

Transcona-Springfield School Division[edit]

1992 Winnipeg election, Transcona-Springfield School Division, Ward One (three members elected)
Candidate Total votes % of total votes
(x)Mary Andree 3,075 19.83
(x)Betty Ann Watts 2,595 16.73
Colleen Carswell 2,347 15.14
(x)Wally Stoyko 2,160 13.93
Gerald Basarab 1,728 11.14
Shannon Coughlin 1,444 9.31
Royce Hanson 1,345 8.67
Theresa Ducharme 813 5.24
Total valid votes 15,507 100.00

Electors could vote for three candidates. Percentages are determined in relation to the total number of votes.

  • Wally Stoyko was listed as a retired school principal in a 2005 newspaper article.[15]


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